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Kimono styling


Kitsuke is the art of dressing in kimono. It used to be something that every woman in Japan could do. Nowadays some women follow lessons to learn kitsuke and most people opt for kitsuke dressing salons to hire the equipment and have them dressed by a profesional. Depending on the style and besides the kimono and obi 12 different items are needed to get dressed in kimono: juban, erishin, obi ita, obi makura, several koshi himo and mu

ne himo, datejime, obiage, obijime, tabi, zori or geta.


Besides of just providing kimono items, I also want to offer kitsuke service. During my kitsuke lessons in Kyoto I learned step by step about every item needed and the way to dress in kimono properly.


Styling / dress / kimono rental and supplies

- Events / parties in Japanese style

- Theater / movie

- Photoshoots

- ...



Workshops or yukata kimono dress

Workshops or demonstrations on cultural events and fairs or in the form of a home party with friends.


Please send an email to KimonoBox@gmail.com explaining your project, so we can look at the possibilities.


Kimono styling for photoshoot in Citadelpark, Ghent, photographer Pieter De Maertelaere





Kimono styling at Japan-Square Filmfestival 2017 (photo's by Pieter De Maertelaere)



The window of Studio Skoop for Japan-Square Filmfestival 2017, with Yuzu chocolates 


Furisode rental for Marjan (Photograph by Ann VertriestStyling - MUH by Marian Denolf)



Kimono styling at Japan-Square Filmfestival 2016 (foto's door Ayako)





De etalage van Studio Skoop voor Japan-Square Filmfestival 2016, samen met Yuzu chocolates 



Op de set,  kitsuke voor www.Extremis.be (2015), make-up en haar door www.muym.be, modellen Chau Braekevelt, Sophany Ramaen en Jane Choi




Waiting for the shoot

Kimono styling at Japan Square filmfestival 2015




Furisode rental for Marjan (Photograph by Carmen De Vos; Styling - MUH by Marian Denolf)



'Ming Dynasty' by Carmen De Vos op Pryme Editions - Polaroid Spring Week 2017




Fotoshoot 'geisha'






Model: Luna Srithong, Muah: Baukje Stoop

F.A.C.T.S. bourse a Gand


Location kimono pour Yamagata Europe

Kimono Styling Front   Kimono Styling Back


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